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Positions filled include

  • CEO · Seattle

  • CMO · Los Angeles
  • CFO · Toronto
  • VP Sales · San Francisco
  • GM · Palm Springs
  • VP Business Development · San Diego
  • Director of Finance · Seattle

R.W. Navis is currently assisting executive recruiting in the cannabis/cbd industry in the following areas:

  • C-Suite

  • Manufacturing & Operations

  • Marketing

  • Sales

  • Biotech

  • Finance

  • HR

  • Cultivation

R.W. Navis and Canna Search Global recruit the best employees for cannabis companies as they have for decades now. They find candidates who are gainfully employed and doing well but have an interest in what cannabis companies have to offer.

R.W. Navis candidates are too busy to be searching job boards. This is what separates them from competitors. They seek and find candidates instead of relying on them coming to them. Each search is unique and consequently needs personal attention. A personal touch you won’t find in other companies.

Case Studies



A highly qualified Sales Manager for a San Fransico Bay Area Cannabis company contacted R.W. Navis/CSG about his desire to relocate to Southern California for family reasons.

Get Started with R.W. Navis

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Get Started with R.W. Navis

Email Rnavis@mac.com